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Yol Swan is a spiritual counselor, author, and coach living in the mountains of North Carolina. She's delved into the nature of the soul and developed a system of self-exploration and energy management to empower people from all over the world to create a joyful, soul-guided life. When she's not writing or helping her clients, she's enjoying time with her daughter or playing the drums just for fun.

What Your Type of Partner Says About You

I once heard a psychologist giving a lecture say something like, “without relationships no growth is possible.” Of course, having met saints who spent years in isolation seeking and achieving enlightenment, this sounded a bit too conventional for me. I myself chose to disconnect from the world for 3 years in an attempt to understand the meaning of my life,…

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How Do You Get Out of Your Head?

I don’t know if you remember how your mental processes shifted from the self-centered viewpoint of childhood into the constant focus on others when you became a teenager. It’s not that you didn’t pay attention to those around you as a child, you most certainly did, but you were still in the process of shaping your perception to integrate and…

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Do You Know Who You Really Are?

The famous Greek maxim Know Thyself was inscribed on the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, which was the main cultural and religious hub for the Hellenic culture. But what does it mean, to know yourself? If you assume that you know who you are because who you are is what you think and feel, then what’s the…

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Do You Unwillingly Live In the Past?

Do you remember those fairy tales where the hero has a mission that entails going through a dangerous forest, and they leave bread crumbs on their path to be able to find their way back? Well, you may not be aware of this, but you do something similar as you grow up, except that as an adult you forget to…

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What Do Cinderella and You Have In Common?

You’re probably most familiar with Perrault’s version of Cinderella, but did you know that in Grimm’s tale she goes to three balls during a week-long celebration held for the prince to find a bride? Each night she wears a new gorgeous gown and shoes gifted by a magic white bird at her mother’s grave. She then dashes away because she…

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The Balance of Feminine and Masculine Energies

Have you been feeling this push and pull of energy since the beginning of the year? It’s like we’re split between following up with projects and wanting to do nothing—between taking bold action and passively giving it all up. This is the feminine and masculine seeking integration, which is something we’ll continue to experience for quite a few years. But…

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Do You Understand Your Life Purpose?

We all want a meaningful life, right? A life with purpose. And yet, most of us get confused about what that really means. Is it creating a happy family life, building a successful career, enjoying public recognition, or living a spiritual life? It’s not surprising that we get puzzled about this, for we lose track of who we are and…

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Awaken The Creative Visionary Within

Do you see yourself as a visionary? I believe that we are all visionaries in our own right, because we are each given a unique perspective from where to stand, as well as the inherent creative power to manifest our inner vision. So how come only a few individuals out there are considered visionaries while most people struggle to create…

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Are You a Giver Or a Taker?

Most of us like to think of ourselves as nice, generous people. And most of us probably are, but the thing I’ve learned about truly being generous is that it’s not about how much you give but about where you place yourself when you give. Let me tell you a little story. After I was initiated into the lineage of…

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Wow! I Could Never Do That!

Have you ever watched someone doing something extraordinary and heard yourself saying, “I could never do that!”? I’d bet you have. Why? Because that’s how the aspect of the ego-mind I call your ‘sense of otherness’ works. This inner censor is creatively swift at diffusing any desire that may arise when you see another person do things from a place…

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