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  • My Visit With John of God In Abadiânia

    Before I moved to the US, I had an unusual encounter with a medium and psychic surgeon from Argentina through the leader of the Buddhist group I belonged to at the time. Some of us in the group went to meet him, and I also helped with organizing things for the people who somehow knew of him and […]

  • The True Power of Prayer

    Words are powerful. You can hurt or uplift someone’s spirit with the energy behind your verbal expression. But when words become prayer, they shape a bridge reconnecting you to your true cosmic nature, devoid of ego. Of course, you can use words, mantras, yantras, visualizations, emotional […]

  • The Key To Personal & Spiritual Growth

    Your life is a series of individualized experiences unfolding through big and small cycles that give you the sense of who you are, what your life path is about, and the choices you must make to move forward on this path—as opposed to running in circles or getting stuck along the way. The […]

  • How To Reclaim Your Capacity For Joy & Wonder

    Are you aware that you’re a vehicle of energy? Wherever your attention goes your energy follows—along with your creative power. But in the modern age of information, which is quickly turning into the age of confusion, your clarity is even more precious: the ability to discern […]

  • Do You Know What You Really Want?

    Have you noticed that a lot of people, if not most, don’t know what they want? They jump from one thing to another, thinking the ‘grass is always greener elsewhere’ or they stick to a certain career, relationship, set of habits, or belief system because these somehow landed on […]

  • The Tenacious Search For The Truth

    When I graduated high school I was confused about which career path to follow. In the French school I attended you could choose either a science, humanities or tech curriculum; I had chosen science, because I enjoyed spending long hours at home solving Physics problems and figuring things out. But […]

  • ‘Tis The Year Of Balanced Responsibility

    Mid-January marks the beginning of the harvest season on the Lunar Calendar, which is when the Sun moves from the Tropic of Capricorn to the Tropic of Cancer. This is known as Makar Sankranti, a major festival celebrated in various parts of India—one of the few Hindu festivals happening on a […]

  • Master The Power Of Commitment In 2018

    Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, now it’s time to look ahead and set your intentions for 2018. I usually suggest you pick one word for the year, which is much more powerful and effective than writing New Year resolutions you’ll likely drop after a few weeks. […]

  • Saturn In Capricorn: Your Life Is About To Change In Big Ways!

    First, I want to wish you all a lovely Holiday Season and Solstice! No matter what or how you celebrate, the end of the solar calendar calls for appreciation of the things you’ve accomplished and the people in your life, as well as introspection for what remains to be done and the road ahead […]

  • Turn Anger Into a Tool For Transformation

    From a spiritual perspective, love is the absence of fear, and anger is considered a negative emotion because it emerges from the attachments and fears that block love and separate us from others. The suffering, injustice, racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and wars we witness in the world are […]

  • Why Self-Love Makes You Truly Free

    This month Mercury will be retrograde until the Winter Solstice, passing over the Galactic Center, which is the black hole at the center of the Milky Way. Saturn will also be traveling over this energetic point before shifting astrological signs, so a possible meaning for this uncommon alignment is […]

  • Guidelines To Master Your Emotional Resistance

    The ego-mind has been your main identity, your point of reference as to who you are in relation to others. This allows you to choose an individualized path and find your own way to navigate life. But because the ego was formed in childhood, and according to the environment you grew up in, it […]


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