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  • Turn Anger Into a Tool For Transformation

    From a spiritual perspective, love is the absence of fear, and anger is considered a negative emotion because it emerges from the attachments and fears that block love and separate us from others. The suffering, injustice, racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and wars we witness in the world are […]

  • Why Self-Love Makes You Truly Free

    This month Mercury will be retrograde until the Winter Solstice, passing over the Galactic Center, which is the black hole at the center of the Milky Way. Saturn will also be traveling over this energetic point before shifting astrological signs, so a possible meaning for this uncommon alignment is […]

  • Guidelines To Master Your Emotional Resistance

    The ego-mind has been your main identity, your point of reference as to who you are in relation to others. This allows you to choose an individualized path and find your own way to navigate life. But because the ego was formed in childhood, and according to the environment you grew up in, it […]

  • The Love You Yearn For Is Self-Love

    We’re all looking for love, because love feeds our soul. Whether it’s romantic relationships or the relationships with family or friends, love is the driving force that motivates you to engage and interact with others; it’s also the fuel behind your goals, work, and projects, and […]

  • Why Time Management Is Crucial For Self-Growth

    Unlike most people I know, I’ve never had a clear sense of time or direction. Perhaps it comes naturally to them, or they’ve developed an internal clock and geographical compass from routine and discipline, but I’m the kind of person who can get lost even with a GPS and if I […]

  • What Does It Take To Be Happy?

    Let me ask you, are you happy? If not, do you know what would make you happy? You can probably observe there are both positive and negative things in yourself and your life, but did you ever imagine it would be the way it is when you were younger? And more importantly, what expectations of your […]

  • How Your Illusions Create a ‘Halo Effect’

    Not long ago, I heard a story of a couple I’ll call John and Sylvia (not their real names) who decided to flip houses as a way to invest money. He had experience as a handyman and contractor, and she had been saving for years, so they agreed that Sylvia would use her savings to buy a small […]

  • Are You Aware Of How Big Your Ego Is?

    When we think or say that someone has a ‘big ego’ we usually refer to a self-centered, narcissistic person, right? Someone whose attitude reflects the belief that they’re better or more important than others; they seem to want to take all the space in the room and draw all the […]

  • Can You Be Truly Happy Without Self-Knowledge?

    You’ve probably heard the expression, ‘Ignorance is bliss,’ from one of Thomas Gray’s poems, and maybe even wished to go back in time to avoid the pain of certain awareness or during challenging times. But how true are these words taken out of context? The poem refers to the […]

  • 3 Tools To Stop Worrying About the Future

    Do you worry about the future? Who doesn’t, right? Especially with all the chaos in the world. But worrying comes from ego, which is like a monkey jumping from one thought to another and one desire to another, leaving a trail of fear behind. Your monkey-mind goes back and forth between the […]

  • Why Self-Care Is Essential For Self-Growth

    If you’ve read my story you know that at some point I decided to cut off from the world almost completely for three years. That was the time of my spiritual awakening (until then I wanted nothing to do with religion or spirituality). I can honestly say that it changed me forever. But my […]

  • Discover the Keys To Let Go of Your Anger

    Last week I encouraged you to release the grudges and resentments that keep your energy trapped in the past (see Unleash the Power of Forgiveness). I also mentioned that your life would be completely transformed if you simply made the decision to not get angry from here on out. Now, as some of you […]


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