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  • Unleash the Power of Forgiveness

    Were you taught while growing up to say you were sorry or ask for forgiveness if you did something wrong? Or perhaps you were told to simply ‘forgive and forget’ if someone else did something that offended or hurt you. To be honest, when I was younger forgiving felt more like an […]

  • How To Benefit Spiritually From a Solar Eclipse

    There’s much excitement about the upcoming solar eclipse that will be visible to the naked eye in North America and other parts of the world (on August 21st), so I wanted to explore the significance of this celestial event and how you can take advantage of it for your spiritual growth. This […]

  • Step Out Of The Emotional Hamster Wheel

    Do you sometimes feel like you’re pedaling away in life without getting any traction? Perhaps you’ve been trying to reach a goal or overcome an obstacle; maybe your physical body is out of balance and you can’t get it back on track; or you’ve been working on yourself for […]

  • Mastering The Art Of Letting Go

    How much would you say you hold on to things and people? Do you try to control where things go in your home or how other people should behave? Do you follow certain routines and patterns (or impulses) you feel anxious or lost without? Are you aware that the impressions of previous conversations or […]

  • Growing Out Of The Wounded Child Archetype

    Do you get frustrated when you want to accomplish something but life demands more patience and effort than you anticipated? Or perhaps you get overwhelmed if things don’t go as planned, or you find obstacles and challenges, or people don’t behave the way you expect? Intellectually, you […]

  • How To Survive The Age of Anxiety

    The price of living in technologically advanced societies is the increasing level of speed, pressure, and stress we allow to rule our lives. We expect things to move faster, more efficiently; we want quick-fixes for any ailments or discomforts; we get frustrated or give up if our dreams don’t […]

  • How Homeopathy Can Support Your Self-Growth

    I’ve been integrating homeopathic treatment into my counseling and coaching work, to address physical or emotional issues that may get in the way of my clients’ self-exploration and goals, so I thought it would be a good idea to share how homeopathy can support a process aimed at […]

  • 3 Steps To Achieve Inner Peace

    If you’re like me, you probably wish the world were more peaceful; a place where equality and fairness would prevail; where conflicts could be resolved without violence or a system of legalized revenge; where human beings would support each other rather than struggle for power in personal and […]

  • How Do You Really Heal The Past?

    Most people go through life without truly understanding themselves. They think they know who they are, because they believe they are their story—their memories and regrets. But if you didn’t consciously choose the experiences that have shaped you, how can you be so sure you know who you […]

  • Read A Review of The Indigo Journals!

    Spring has sprung, and although Mercury is about to go retrograde (to give us more opportunities to take a deeper look at how we perceive and express ourselves, bring closure to certain issues, or work quietly on something new), things are still moving along, albeit slowly… I was happy to […]

  • Happy (Upcoming) Spring Equinox!

    Did you know that the Egyptian Sphinx—the majestic guardian of pharaohs—was built pointing directly toward the rising Sun on the day of the Spring Equinox? In the Western Northern Hemisphere, this day marks the beginning of Spring, the astrological year, and the first sign of the […]

  • How To Take Advantage Of Venus & Mercury Retrogrades

    I’m not an astrologer, but I know planetary energies affect us on a daily basis, in both individual and collective ways. I pay closer attention to certain planetary events, such as the Moon and Venus cycles, since they’re the only feminine bodies among the major planets and, along with […]