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  • Main Astrology & Numerology For 2020

    Happy New Year and new decade! This year is another one we’ll remember for a while. The transits of 2020 will not be easy, but they hold a necessary force for transformation, to help you assert […]

  • ♥ Happy Holidays!

    Wishing you a peaceful Holiday Season! I’ll be back in touch in January… 🙂 Much Love,Read more

  • How To Cultivate Contentment & Inner Peace

    A young woman got pregnant in the small village where Zen master Hakuin was living. Her father forced her to confess the name of her lover, but she managed to protect him by pretending it was Hakuin. […]

  • The Need For Emotional & Spiritual Maturity

    Humanity’s creative and intellectual capacity never ceases to amaze me. We’ve been able to produce remarkable works of art, music, film, literature, and philosophy, as well as impressive […]

  • Why You Need To Balance Activity With Relaxation

    If you are like most people, you’re always active, busy with work and relationships. You’re ‘on’ from the moment you wake up till you fall asleep, tackling many chores and […]

  • The Path To Spiritual Freedom Is Not a Highway

    I love this Zen story. A famous Japanese swordsman disowned his son Matajuro because he considered him too mediocre and undisciplined to ever reach the level of proficiency required to inherit his […]

  • You Can’t Be Happy Without Understanding Your Mind

    Two young Zen monks were traveling on a muddy road under a heavy rain when they saw a pretty girl in a silk kimono and sash looking at the road. She was clearly hesitant to cross the intersection and […]

  • Master the Art of Listening For Emotional & Spiritual Freedom

    How much time do you spend in solitude and silence? In this time and age, it’s easy to guess not much. We are attached to our cell phones, we constantly interact with people in person and on […]

  • The Liberating Practice of Moving Into Stillness

    If I asked you to count how many thoughts you think within a minute, would you include the thoughts produced by counting or would you consider those part of your task? The answer may not be obvious, […]

  • The Urgent Need For Spiritual Responsibility

    I grew up in a dysfunctional family, like most people, experiencing the same emotional neglect my parents had likely endured growing up, and their parents before them—the lack of awareness and […]

  • The True Power Of Devotion

    We live in a highly toxic world, a world filled with violence and injustice, ruled by greed and the pursuit of power. Everywhere you look, there are crimes, disasters, and all kinds of disheartening […]

  • Why Martial Souls Rule The World

    If a bird came to a valley and asked a snail to describe his view of the land, the snail would probably talk about the textures in the soil, the moisture of the grass, the brown shades of his […]