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  • How To Develop an Abundant Mindset

    Let me ask you, do you wait till the last minute to pay your bills or tend to forget and be late with your payments? Or do you get anxious about money and often think that things are ‘too […]

  • How Well Do You Use Your Intuition?

    Most people rely on their rational mind to navigate life, unaware that the decisions they make tend to be more unconscious and emotional than logical, or that they’re only conscious of about […]

  • What Is the Age of Aquarius All About?

    Humanity is experiencing fast, radical changes on all levels, and the Internet is brimming with information and misinformation about them. For the mass media, it’s all about keeping you focused […]

  • Life Flows Between Hope and Despair

    These certainly are challenging and contradictory times. On one hand, we witness the disheartening reality of climate change, social violence and injustice, racial and gender inequality, political […]

  • Discover Your Own Hidden Knowledge

    Cyber technology and an ever-strong attachment to the physical senses (of collective ego) have allowed information and misinformation to plague our fast-paced world, so much so that it’s […]

  • The Art of Discovering a Sense of Purpose

    I love young children’s illustrated books (that’s the section you’ll find me at a bookstore); they’re beautiful reminders of the simple, innocent, and loving perception most […]

  • My Visit With John of God In Abadiânia

    Before I moved to the US, I had an unusual encounter with a medium and psychic surgeon from Argentina through the leader of the Buddhist group I belonged to at the time. Some of us in the group went […]

  • The True Power of Prayer

    Words are powerful. You can hurt or uplift someone’s spirit with the energy behind your verbal expression. But when words become prayer, they shape a bridge reconnecting you to your true cosmic […]

  • The Key To Personal & Spiritual Growth

    Your life is a series of individualized experiences unfolding through big and small cycles that give you the sense of who you are, what your life path is about, and the choices you must make to move […]

  • How To Reclaim Your Capacity For Joy & Wonder

    Are you aware that you’re a vehicle of energy? Wherever your attention goes your energy follows—along with your creative power. But in the modern age of information, which is quickly […]

  • Do You Know What You Really Want?

    Have you noticed that a lot of people, if not most, don’t know what they want? They jump from one thing to another, thinking the ‘grass is always greener elsewhere’ or they stick to […]

  • The Tenacious Search For The Truth

    When I graduated high school I was confused about which career path to follow. In the French school I attended you could choose either a science, humanities or tech curriculum; I had chosen science, […]


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