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  • How To Embrace the Unknown Without Fear

    Given the uncertainty humanity is experiencing on many fronts, feeling anxious or concerned about the future is not surprising. In fact, it’s quite natural, but it’s nothing new; the […]

  • Do You Have a Fixed or an Open Mindset?

    The protests we’re witnessing are a natural response to the blatant racism and abuse of power that has created and continues to create suffering and injustice (see Why Martial Souls Rule The […]

  • True Freedom Is Spiritual Freedom

    I mentioned before that the pandemic reflects the interaction of Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter, the archetypes of death, restriction, and expansion. Pluto brings the virus while Jupiter expands it and […]

  • Why Individuation Is Essential For Spiritual Freedom

    It’s becoming harder and harder to discern the truth from gossip or “fake news” in these times of instant communication and social media. Everyone is on the web searching for […]

  • Your Life-Movie Is a Dream Within a Dream

    Once Lord Krishna and his close disciple Narada went for a walk. While they were walking, Narada asked, “Master, you say that the world is Maya, or delusion. Can you show me power of this […]

  • How Are You Holding Up During the Lockdown?

    Are you feeling anxious or isolated during the Coronavirus lockdown, or are you using this extraordinary time to focus on your creative projects and spiritual development? First of all, it’s […]

  • Following Up With the Coronavirus Pandemic

    The whole world is focused on the Coronavirus, from many different angles. Some people are tending to the increasing number of cases everywhere; others are trying to prevent or predict further […]

  • How To Step Out of the Collective Fear

    First of all, I hope you and your loved ones are doing well. When I wrote at the beginning of the year that 2020 was going to be a memorable and challenging year, I didn’t anticipate some of […]

  • The Secret To Living a Truly Happy Life

    Everyone is always looking for happiness in a variety of ways, and most people agree with the idea that happiness is the aim and end of existence. You may seek happiness in close relationships, […]

  • Why Mindfulness Helps You Achieve Your Goals

    The beginning of each year is usually the time we review what we did or didn’t accomplish the year before and set our intentions to achieve new goals or bring old projects to completion. But as […]

  • 3 Essential Tools To Quiet the Ego-Mind

    Four Zen meditation students who were friends decided to spend seven days together, promising to observe complete silence. Everything went well during the first day, and their meditation was deep, […]

  • Guidelines To Deepen Your Spiritual Path

    The concept of spirituality was equated to that of religion for a very long time, so the spiritual path was restricted and tainted with a variety of rules and dogmas. Now things are beginning to […]