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Yol Swan, Spiritual Mentor, Author, Coach

Yol Swan

Spiritual Mentor, Author & Coach

The Indigo Journals: Spiritual Healing For Indigo Adults & Other Feminine Souls

Are you highly sensitive, creative and empathic but feel lost or out of place? In this Readers’ Favorite Book Award Finalist, the author takes you on a spiritual healing journey to understand your soul type, discover your feminine power, and fulfill your purpose to balance an overly masculine world.


Songs of Light and Dark: Poetic Meditations on the Self and Random Haikus

An honest, intimate reflection on the non-dual divinity of the soul trapped in the contradictions of human experience. This is spiritual poetry with a bit of an edge and the insight and hope of a soul in search of itself.


“Yol Swan is quite simply a healing transmitter of knowledge and wisdom of the soul. She combines astonishing and wide-ranging healing insights with a profound and exquisite heart presence upon every page. In my experience with writing and the ability to ‘transmit’ —she has it. She is a gift to the world.” ~Anaiya Sophia, author of Womb Wisdom: Awakening the Creative and Forgotten Powers of the Feminine.

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