Yol Swan, Spiritual Mentor, Author and CoachI grew up surrounded by books, art, and music, as well as a cultural blend of Shamanic and religious traditions. I perceived life as energy and could see through people and view past lives, including many of my own. In truth, my path has been a slow process of remembering who I really am by shedding everything I am not, and then help others do the same.

My spiritual journey started as a kid, pondering the meaning of life and rebelling against the limiting religious and patriarchal views of my Mexican environment. I felt awkward and alone for the most part, but always curious and creative, writing cosmic messages on my journals that I didn’t quite understand.

I dove into seven years of intense psychoanalysis in my early 20s, which became my springboard into spirituality. At some point I decided to renounce the world for a little while and embarked on a personal retreat for 3 years in almost complete isolation. I was touched by the Divine for the very first time through many mystical experiences and unexpected encounters with multidimensional beings.

I began to comprehend the nature of the mind and ego, how our perception shapes our reality and Infinite Consciousness weaves all life and human experience. Needless to say, this changed me completely, but it was just the beginning of a lifelong search for a deeper understanding and a sense of connection I longed for since childhood.

I was a highly sensitive seer bearing the reality of a world that didn’t make sense to me; it took me more than 30 years to realize I was an Adult Indigo Soul expressing the wounded Feminine on the planet and that there were many other sensitive, creative, and empathic souls like me suffering the agonizing lack of love in the world.

My Teachers

I delved into the different aspects of the mind while practicing Vipassana meditation during a 40-day retreat with Ajahn Tong Sirimangalo, an enlightened Buddhist master from Thailand who initiated me as a nun. Soon after, I moved to the US to study music and then traveled to his monastery for another retreat. From there I jumped to India for the first time. I knew my path was about to change: India felt like my real home.

Once back home, I was initiated by Sri Anandi Ma, an enlightened saint and the spiritual heir of Kundalini Maha Yoga master Sri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji. I completely immersed myself in their spiritual teachings, techniques, and rituals for more than 12 years. I had been attracted to their culture since childhood, so the Hindu style fit my nature easily, and the mantras and practices I was initiated with continue to be a treasured aspect of my spiritual discipline.

I’ve been blessed by many saints and spiritual teachers over the years, both in the body and in non-physical form. In time I learned to rely less on the external form of gurus and spiritual groups and more on my self-inquiry while furthering my studies of yoga philosophy and Vedanta, guided by intuitive wisdom and teachers on various planes of existence.

My Writing

I enjoyed journaling and writing poetry since adolescence, but my musings turned less existential and more spiritual over the years. As I was nudged to take my writing more seriously, a new perception of the Universe emerged along with cosmic memories and a more comprehensive understanding of the soul.

I discovered a Feminine-Masculine Soul Spectrum that made more sense than anything I had learned before; it provided a viewpoint that clarified my story and my place in this world. I was able to put together the puzzle pieces of a unified perception of Creation that has kept me centered and hopeful about the future, while providing tools to navigate life with faith and enthusiasm and be of service to my counseling clients.

I believe that how much you enjoy life depends on how conscious you are of your energy and whether your awareness arises from the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual layers of your soul. By observing and counseling many clients came the drive to share my experience and spiritual tools with a bigger audience of feminine souls in need of healing, ready to awaken to their true nature and bring forth a New Humanity.

The urge to keep writing simply took off from there…

Other Details

* I am a Spiritual Counselor, Life & Business Coach: SoulGuidedCoach.com.

* I hold degrees in Modern English Literature, Professional Music and Clinical Homeopathy.

* I’ve been an editor, translator, teacher, artist, singer, composer, homeopath, business manager, and jewelry, graphic and web designer.

* I speak English, Spanish and French fluently.

* I love Yoga Philosophy, Vedanta, Meditation, Mantras, Numbers, Crystals and Computers.

* I’ve traveled through Europe, Mexico, Asia, and the United States, and love ancient cultures.

* I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina with my beloved daughter, an adorable rescued dog and two crested geckos.


I share my journey, channeled messages, cosmic memories, and many spiritual tools in my book: The Indigo Journals: Spiritual Healing For Indigo Adults & Other Feminine Souls. To learn more about it, visit: TheIndigoJournals.com